Obagi medical grade skin care products: PROTECT

The final and most important step of any good skin routine is to PROTECT:

After you have POURed in your serums, seal in these benefits by moisturising

Then ALWAYS apply Sunblock

If you can only choose one skin product – Sunblock is the most important.

UV rays cause damage whenever your skin is exposed to them – even in winter, and even if you do not get burned or tanned.

The single best anti-aging ingredient in the world is sunblock! Wearing factor 50 every day will make a bigger difference than any other, more expensive skin product.


Obagi daily hydro-drops – 30ml – £74.76

Obagi hydrate – 48g – £46.32

Obagi hydrate luxe – 48g – £60.58


Obagi professional C suncare SPF 30 48g £73.82

Obagi360 hydrafactor SPF 30 – 75g – £64.36

Obagi nu-derm physical UV block SPF 32 – 57g – £70.08

Obagi sunshield matte SPF 50 – 85g – £65.86

Obagi sun shield SPF 50 (tint warm or tint cool) – 85g – £65.86