Weight loss services

I am a medical doctor, with experience in a number of specialities, and have been working for many years now as an NHS GP with a special interest in weight management. 

I have spent many years researching this subject and perfecting my advice regarding weight loss. I know how effective the advice I give can be, having helped so many of my patients take control of their body shape, size, and health. In many cases, someone who has struggled with their weight for years, trying every diet and weight loss drug available, has then gone on to transform their body based on my advice. I have helped countless people break free from disordered eating patterns, and finally understand how to get the best nutrition while enjoying their food.

Weight loss help I can offer includes:

Personalised diet planning

Effective injectable weight loss medication

Helping clients to understand the mechanisms behind fat gain and loss, and how to stay slim long term

A copy of my weight loss book, “The 2000 calorie lie” – not currently conventionally published but available to my clients

Please contact me for more information. A 30 minute video consultation will cost £50, and if appropriate, each month of weight loss injections – delivered to your door, has a cost of £250.