Alumier medical grade skin products:POUR

The middle step of any good skin care regime is POUR:

Once the skin has been PREPARED to receive beneficial ingredients – POUR them in!

What often sets medical grade skin products apart from the creams you can buy anywhere – is that the POUR products can actually benefit the skin in a meaningful way.

This is because:

  • The molecules are small enough to penetrate the skin rather than just sit on top of it
  • The molecules are proven to make a real change when they get inside the skin
  • The concentration of these molecules is high enough for them to make these changes
  • The formula is made in such a way that these (often very delicate) molecules do not break down before they get into the skin

Anti-ageing (general skin boosting and improving) POUR products:

Anti-acne POUR products:

Anti-pigmentation POUR products:

Anti-redness / rosacea POUR products: