Alumier medical grade skin products: PROTECT

The final and most important step of any good skin routine is to PROTECT:

After you have POURed in your serums, seal in these benefits by moisturising

Then ALWAYS apply Sunblock

If you can only choose one skin product – Sunblock is the most important.

UV rays cause damage whenever your skin is exposed to them – even in winter, and even if you do not get burned or tanned.

The single best anti-aging ingredient in the world is sunblock! Wearing factor 50 every day will make a bigger difference than any other, more expensive skin product.


Hydracalm – best for redness-prone skin

HydraClarite, and HydraSmooth – both of these are very light moisturisers – so are best for oily / acne-prone / blemish-prone skin

HydraDew – very rich moisturiser – best for dry skin

HydraLight – a light moisturising formula, for normal skin type


Clear shield broad spectrum – SPF 42 – lightweight, good for acne-prone skin

Moisture Matte broad spectrum – SPF 40 – various tints available – matte finish.

Sheer hydration broad spectrum untinted -SPF 40 – silky and sheer

Sheer hydration broad spectrum versatile tint – SPF 40 – silky and sheer

All of the sunblocks contain physical UV ray blockers zinc and titanium – which are the gold standard in sun protection. They also contain various antioxidants to further counteract the harmful effects of the suns rays.