Alumier medical grade skin products: PREPARE


PREPARE is the first step of any skin regime: beneficial ingredients won’t be able to penetrate into the skin if this isn’t done!

Preparing the skin, the medical grade way, means to:

  • Clean the skin well with a good cleanser
  • Exfoliate with physical or chemical exfoliators to get rid of dead skin cells, (this includes skin peels)
  • Add a Retinoid to increase skin cell turnover – so old skin cells are shed and new healthy ones appear more quickly.

Pick one product from each section, to best suit your skin type:


Choose from:

  • Purifying gel cleanser – for normal skin
  • Sensicalm – for redness prone / sensitive skin
  • Acne clarifying cleanser
  • Hydraboost – for dry skin


Choose from:

  • AHA renewal serum – 8% lactic acid chemical exfoliator
  • Bright and clear solution – AHA and BHA chemical exfoliators
  • Enzymatic peel – a strong chemical peel
  • Lotus scrub – the only physical exfoliator – with micro beads


Choose between:

  • Retinol resurfacing serum 0.25%
  • Retinol resurfacing serum 0.5%
  • Retinol resurfacing serum 1%

Optional weak retinol products for sensitive areas of the under eye and neck:

Retinol eye gel – 0.1%

Neck and Decollete firming cream – 0.2%